“Sperm Deposit”? Sex in New York public schools

Speaking of schools, blue states judge not, lest ye be judged. 

A study of sex ed in New York public schools from 2009-2011 found… A big fat mess. Some highlights:

- Nearly 2-in-3 districts excluded any mention or depiction of external female genitalia from anatomy lessons. One district defined the vagina as a “sperm deposit.”

– Most districts did not teach information about bullying
(63 percent), and many did not teach about sexual harassment (42 percent),
sexual assault or rape (28 percent).

– LGBTQ students are largely stigmatized or ignored
entirely. Less than half of the districts provided any instruction about sexual

– Heterocentric bias dominates. One commonly used textbook
addresses only “traditional marriage,” defined as “an emotional, spiritual, and
legal commitment a man and woman make to one another.” Same-sex marriage has
been legal in New York since July, 2011.


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