Thank you, San Francisco!

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (or CPCs) are faith-based, anti-choice non-profit organizations that pretend to be health service providers. They use false advertising (like “Pregnant? Scared? Alone? We can help!” billboards) to lure in women seeking information and referrals for reproductive health options like birth control and abortion, and then deliver medically inaccurate information and anti-choice propaganda.

San Francisco recently passed a ‘truth in advertising’ law
that forbids CPCs from misrepresenting their services. One of the affected CPCs
challenged the ordinance, and last week, a federal court rejected their
argument, making San Francisco the first US city to force CPCs to be honest
about what they do.

Similar truth-in-advertising laws have been passed in
Baltimore & Montgomery County, Maryland, Austin, and New York. Each been
struck down in the face of legal challenges.

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