Ultra-Skinny Minnie

I want you to imagine something. (Trust me, it’s safe.)

Minnie Mouse.

Now imagine I asked you to re-draw Minnie Mouse with the intention of giving little girls body image issues.

It would probably look something like what’s in the link

This year, Barney’s will feature ultra-skinny Minnie (also
Daisy Duck, Snow White, Goofy, Cruella, and Princess Tiana) in their “Electric
Holiday” campaign, set to debut at their Madison Avenue flagship store on
November 14.

“The standard Minnie Mouse will not look so good in a Lanvin
dress,” said Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman, describing the design
decision. “If we’re going to make this work, we have to have a 5-foot-11

Personally I’ve always preferred The Muppets to Disney, and
this has just become another reason. Miss Piggy never has trouble finding
couture in her size – and she can do karate while wearing it.

If you’re so inclined, click here and let Disney know
you prefer your fictional characters without imaginary eating disorders

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