It’s Friday, I have a cocktail in my non-typing hand…

… and my husband just informed me that the FB fan page for his pet project and the Vagina News FB page are at 396 Likes, and we’re apparently in a race to 400.

My response is to be totally blasé about it.

So I’m not going to offer up a ton of analysis today, just an introduction to two good articles.

The first explores the idea that, by not talking more openly about our first-hand experiences with sexual violence and abortion (separately or together), we contribute to the right’s ignorance about these issues. It also points out two remarkable facts; “Women made up a majority of the electorate, and unmarried women were 23 percent of voters.”

The second addresses some of the points in yesterday’s post… As much of a gender gap as there was in this election, and as much as so-called “women’s issues” played a role, white women continue to vote overwhelmingly for Republicans. It hurts my brain, but it’s true.

This weekend, I’m going to work on a Vagina News blog – the mothership – so I can use Facebook the way you’re supposed to use Facebook. That cool with you guys?

Have a great weekend!

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