Standing Vagina Ovation for the UN!

It’s Thanksgiving week. Let’s keep it short and upbeat.

Last week, the UN issued its annual State of World Population report. This year, the report is subtitled “By choice, not by chance: family planning, human rights and development,” and it declares voluntary family planning to be a basic human right.

“Studies have shown that investing in family planning helps reduce poverty, improve health, promote gender equality, enable adolescents to finish their schooling, and increase labourforce participation.

When a woman is able to exercise her reproductive rights, she is more able to benefit from her other rights, such as the right to education. The results are higher incomes, better health for her and her children and greater decision-making power for her, both in the household and the community.

Addressing the unmet need for family planning worldwide would avert 54 million unintended pregnancies and result in 26 million fewer abortions… Research also shows that where family planning supplies, information and services are widely available, abortion rates are lower.”

Well holy crap, United Nations, nice work!

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