Vagina Variety

It’s almost Thanksgiving. I don’t feel like learning anything depressing, do you? Instead, a quick vagina kumbaya.

I write about issues that affect people with vaginas. Often, I refer to those people as “women.” But there are people with vaginas who don’t identify as women, and I don’t intend to exclude them. Well, sometimes I do, but not out of ignorance.

Much of the time, when I talk about “women”, it’s in contrast to “men.” While gender is a spectrum/gamut/continuum, most people identify as female or male, so when talking about big social issues, it’s easiest to use those terms. I also think it’s often appropriate,
because people who don’t identify as female or male are likely to experience
social issues differently than those who do, so I don’t want to lump them
together. (Those experiences are important and interesting, they’re just not
what this site is about.) I’ve thought about substituting ‘PWVs’ (people with
vaginas) for ‘women’ when I especially want to avoid excluding anyone, but then
I’d have to explain what it means all the time, and that just seems silly.

The Vagina News Ground Rules states,
“Vagina News trusts its readers to decide for themselves whether they wish
to continue participating in Vagina News, and respects that decision.”
Similarly, Vagina News respects its readers’ gender identities, and trusts them
to decide whether and how  what’s here applies to them.

Just know this, non-binary gender types – All vaginas are
welcome here, regardless of what the rest of you calls yourself.

Chime in!

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