The Bechdel Test

It’s Thanksgiving Friday. I’m going out on a limb and guessing you’re not going to the mall today. Apparently a lot of people do that, but I don’t think that’s you. I think you’re probably staying in your pajamas all day, and if you do put on pants, it’ll be because you’re going to a movie.

That’s what this post is about.

There’s a thing I just learned about called The Bechdel
Test. It’s a ridiculously simple way of measuring whether a movie represents
women in any sort of reasonable way. Here’s where I learned about it.

Basically, ask these three questions about any movie (or tv show, I’ve decided.)

  1. Are there more than two women in it?
  2. Do they have names?
  3. Do they talk to each other about
    something other than men?

It’s incredible how many movies don’t pass. The last movie I saw was Skyfall, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t. Before that was Argo, which might pass. Before that was Finding Nemo in 3D, which when I think about it doesn’t pass either. Fuck.

(I’ve just decided to create my own movie test. It’s called the Vagina News Movie Test. There’s just one question -does a woman get sexually assaulted in this movie as a mechanism for demonstrating that one of the male characters is a bad guy?

If so, I hate your movie.)

Chime in!

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