Just the Facts

The Guttmacher Institute is fantastic. They created a video that I think should be required viewing for every human being. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The video aims to inform discussions by policymakers, the public and
the media about the provision of safe abortion services—making clear
that such services are essential to reproductive health care which in
turn benefits women, their children and society. The video makes
several key points:

  • Women have abortions in all parts of the world and they have them
    for similar reasons, which include being unable or too poor to care for
    a child or additional children, not being in a stable relationship, and
    needing to finish their education.
  • The frequency of abortion has much less to do with its legal
    status than with levels of unintended pregnancy, the root cause of most
    abortions. Unintended pregnancy rates have everything to do with whether
    a woman has access to quality family planning services.
  • The best way to reduce the need for abortion is not by denying
    women access to safe and legal procedures, but by giving them the power
    to control their fertility and prevent unintended pregnancy. Today, 222
    million women in the developing world want to avoid pregnancy but are
    not using a modern contraceptive.

Reducing the incidence of unsafe abortion is a public health
imperative. It is the basic right of every woman to be able to make her
own childbearing decisions without having to put her health or her life
at risk.”

Please watch and share it.

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