America’s Rape Problem

I’ve gotten a number of messages recently about two terrible stories in the news right now – the night-long assault of a young women in Steubenville, Ohio (which has led to the exposure of the horrifying celebration of the assault on video and social media, and the ongoing systematic protection of known serial rapists by school officials and law enforcement) and the overturning of a rape conviction in California simply on the basis that the victim wasn’t married. 

These stories come in the immediate aftermath of the House’s failure to renew the Violence Against Women Act (which provides funding for critical programs to help women who have been victimized) and the death of a young woman in India after a brutal and public gang rape, prompting national outrage over the government and culture’s role in allowing such violence to be commonplace.

I’ve been struggling to face writing about these stories and what they have in common, so I thank Jessica Valenti for doing it first. I very much hope you’ll read this article, follow the links to the cases mentioned above, and start talking about these issues wherever you see fit.

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