Vagina News Pot Luck

Today, Vagina News brings you two great stories of Vagina-Ignorance that you can share with abandon at a Superbowl party. 

First, a story sent by my friend Jodi about a woman in Brazil who tried to kill her husband by putting poison in her vagina and then asking him to perform oral sex on her. (Maybe this is the karmic balance for Brazilian women helping us drive crabs to extinction?) Ladies, your vagina is your friend. Don’t put mean things in there, it’ll hurt you more than it hurts anyone else. 

Second, a quote from a conservative talk show host who believes taking birth control results in oodles of dead babies embedding themselves into your uteran walls. (Ok, this is technically Uterus News, but I doubt he knows the difference, so I’m going with it.)

You’d think he’d be able to figure out on his own that that’s impossible. I mean, with all those dead babies in there, where would I find the room for all the Republicans?

Chime in!

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