Vagina News Goes Insane

I am super excited about today’s Vagina News.

My husband has a music blog called Weirdest Band in the World. (He’s a fantastic writer and a professional music geek, the stuff there is endlessly entertaining, and I’d think that even if we weren’t married.) He had a post about Insane Clown Posse in the works that he realized qualified as Vagina News, so he invited me to write a guest post. And here it is!

WARNING – The video is disturbing (and the music sucks.) You will probably really not like it. I think it’s horrific in sixty five different ways. The point of the post is to articulate some of those ways. So feel free to not watch the video, even if it means the post means a little less. Or watch it, judge freely, and know that a lot of people agree with you.

But click the link, because if it gets more hits than usual, he’ll ask me to do another one 😉

Chime in!

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