Vagina News Hero – NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

It’s Good Vagina News Tuesday! Get this… A state law that’s pushing boundaries in the right direction!

As is the case in many states, New York state law is stricter than federal law when it comes to late term abortion. Federal law allows third trimester abortions if the health of the mother is in jeopardy; That’s in opposition to state law in New York (and plenty of other states) that only allows late term abortion if the LIFE of the mother is at risk. 

It seems like semantics, but it isn’t. ‘Life’ vs. ‘health’ means if a pregnancy carries any risk to the mother other than certain death – including cancer, paralysis, infertility, etc. – she cannot get a late term abortion. And even in states where the stricter state laws are not enforced (like New York,) doctors are unwilling to take the legal risks associated with performing late term abortions when a mother’s health is at risk.

So as part of his ‘Women’s Equality Act’ initiative (which also includes addressing things like equal pay, sex trafficking, and various kinds of gender-based discrimination and harassment,) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing to LOOSEN late term abortion laws in New York. Not only does he plan to revise NY state law to be consistent with federal law, he also plans to allow licensed health care practitioners to perform abortions (rather than just physicians), and to take abortion out of sate penal code and regulate it through health care legislation.

Let me say that last part again. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to make abortion a health care issue, rather than a legal issue. 

I am officially a BIG FAN of this guy.

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