We’re All Women Now

A little Vagina News Food for Thought to round out the week… 

I’ve felt for a while like the job market has unwittingly given the public a taste of life as an actor… One must always be at the tippy-top of one’s game, devote oneself wholly to preparing for each and every opportunity as though it were ‘the one’, ignore the fact that literally thousands of other people are in the running, and accept that the most likely outcome is that one’s efforts will be unceremoniously rejected if not completely ignored; And when one does get a job, one must be content to do it for the satisfaction of the work itself, because one certainly can’t expect fair compensation, job security, or an assurance of progress up the professional ladder as a result of a job well done.

(Believe it or not, that’s not an actor complaint. I signed up for all that, whether I knew it in the beginning or not. It’s just interesting that it now applies to job seekers in general.)

This article makes a similar point about the narrowing gap between what’s expected of men vs. women in the workforce. Men are increasingly finding themselves subject to the same kinds of demeaning demands and expectations women have endured for decades. (And no, no one is suggesting men have previously been shielded from professional pressures. It’s just an exploration of the ways in which the nature of those pressures has changed.)

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