No More Ms. Mean Body

Midnight Vagina Muse!!!

So, I’m not a religious person. I’ve never prayed with any regularity. My nighttime routine involves hygiene and entertainment. But I’m gonna add something, and I’m telling you in case you want to give it a whirl.

I’ve realized recently that I’ve said a lot of terrible things to/about my body over the years. On and on about how it’s too much this and not enough that and all the ways I wish it were different, almost completely ignoring the astonishingly consistent job it’s done of being there when I need it. For decades. Ridiculous. If someone treated someone I love that way for even a week, I’d kick them in the sternum. And here I’ve been, all this time, doing it to my very own body.

Today, it brought me to a meeting of fantastic women to discuss a business venture, did some expert reading and napping, took me on a lovely walk around the neighborhood, processed a wonderful dinner of Mexican food and drink with friends, sang like a champ in the car on the way home, and will now carry me to a restful sleep. That’s some great work. Who would badmouth someone who did that for them?

And it’s been doing that – pretty much whatever I ask it to do – for more than fourteen thousand days. FOURTEEN THOUSAND! I can’t think of any other thing in my life that has been doing its job that well for that long. So starting today, I’m going to thank my body every day for everything it does for me.

I invite you to join me. (And for good measure, so does Amy Poehler.) What has your body done for you lately?

Chime in!

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