Ring the Bell

In today’s Vagina News, Obvious Edition… Patrick Stewart is fabulous.

He’s spoken openly on a number occasions about witnessing his father physically abuse his mother. What’s unusual – it shouldn’t be, but it is – is that he blames his father for the violence, rather than blaming his mother for staying. And more than that, he believes the responsibility for ending such violence lies with men. All men.

He was joined last week by a number of other fabulous men, including Dallas Mayor Michael Rawlings and former NFL quarterback Don McPherson, at an event marking the launch of ‘Ring the Bell’, a campaign calling on men to commit to doing whatever they can to end violence against women. 

(This is a good opportunity for a little patriarchy-jailbreaking. Do you think the media/public response would have been different if this event/campaign/call-to-action were being led by women? I do. And I think that’s a great example of why we need more men to follow Mr. Stewart’s example.)

Men of Vagina News, I hope you’ll join the campaign. We women need you. And we’re not invited to this party. DISCRIMINATION! (Kidding.)

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