Everywhere is Steubenville

There is some big Vagina News happening this week in Ohio. Today is the third day of testimony in the Steubenville rape trial. (Need a primer on the case? Here’s a timeline. )

What’s stunning about this case is that dozens of people witnessed an unconscious teenage girl being dragged from party to party and repeatedly sexually assaulted, yet did nothing to intervene; The victim reported it herself the next morning, after learning what happened to her via social media. The perpetrators didn’t even think they were doing something shameful – There were videos posted online, volumes of voicemails and text messages between participants, some of the dozens of eyewitnesses, even faculty members who were involved in helping cover up the crimes. 

If ever there was a real-time example of the issues surrounding sexual assault (victim-blaming, white male privilege, failure of law enforcement to adequately address sexual assault, failure of the legal system to hold perpetrators accountable, the need for grassroots education and advocacy, etc.,) this is it. 

For coverage, I’m partial to the New York Times, who first brought the story to national attention, but here’s lots of coverage to choose from – Google ‘Steubenville rape trial’ to choose your media outlet. If I find someone doing an especially good job of it, I’ll let you know – please do the same.

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