Things that will send me to hell, #956 – Contraception (or Why My Husband Will Soon Hate My Selfish Ass.)

Today’s Vagina News is a peek into crazytown.

This is a post on a pro-life, anti-contraception website in which an individual asks for help in explaining why contraception is morally wrong, and a friendly theologist steps up with an answer. 

An INSANE answer.

This theologist says contraception turns sex from a beautiful act of selfless love to an act of sexual exploitation that will inevitably make the husband and wife hate each other. (He only talks about sex between married people, because that’s the kind of sex he thinks should happen, so best to ignore the other kinds. Fingers-in-ears, lalalalalalala.) Also, because he can’t resist trotting out the crazytown classics, he reminds his readers that if you use contraception, you’ll go to hell. 

Normally I wouldn’t consider this kind of kookoopants garbage to be news. But unfortunately, there are voters who think like this, and use their votes to elect officials who make decisions about contraceptive services. Also, pro-choice people tell me all the time that they don’t think anyone is seriously proposing limiting access to contraception. Not so. 

Know thine enemy. Even if thine enemy is batshit crazy.

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