Link Roundup – So Much Vagina News!

I could write a big long post about each of these incredible stories. But I’m not gonna. Just read them. 

Carie Charlseworth, a California teacher, was fired from her job because her abusive husband showed up at the school , forcing a lockdown – and it’s perfectly legal. Only 6 states – Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island – have laws on the books that bar employment discrimination against victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault.

More than 700 pro-choice men and women staged a ‘citizens filibuster’ in Texas this week over HB60, a bill that would force the closure of all but 5 of Texas’s 42 abortion providers. The Texas legislature is not backing down – they passed the bill in a closed session on Friday, as well as a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks – in direct opposition to Roe v. Wade.

In London, foodie celebrity Nigella Lawson was seen being choked by her husband in a restaurant. Evidence of a pattern of abusive behavior in their marriage has led to broader discussion in the UK about what abuse looks like, who is susceptible to it, how widespread the problem is, and why no one intervened. (This coincides with the release of a sobering worldwide study on violence against women. More on that soon.)

In response to the House’s ruling this week to restrict abortion after 20 weeks, a mother shares the story of her abortion at 23 weeks – a heartbreaking decision she and her husband made in order to save the life of one twin, and spare the suffering of another. The House bill would take that choice away from parents.

On a happier note, all that stuff about women’s fertility tanking after 30? It’s based on data collected between the 17th and 19th centuries. In otherwords, it’s bullshit.


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