Vagina News Patriotic Weekend Reading List

So much great stuff keeps piling up! If you’ve got weekend plans to plunk yourself down in a sunny spot next to Old Glory, consider adding these to your book robot:

Rob Delaney, a comedian one might not suspect of being a feminist, on why he’s pro-choice.

Ellen Page on feminism, and generally dismantling stereotypes about vapid female actors.

Senator Claire McCaskill’s response to Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto’s claim that her efforts to address sexual assault in the military amount to “an effort to criminalize male sexuality” and are “more than a little histrionic.”
A New York Times opinion piece about how destigmatizing abortion by sharing personal stories breeds pro-choice perspective. 

What is ‘male privilege,’ exactly? For one thing, it means men’s desires are our highest cultural priority. (Also includes a perspective on the great taco sauce debate, and a counterpoint to the piece above.)

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