I need some good Vagina News, don’t you?

Well I happen to have some right here in my… Yeah.
Two weeks ago, NASA announced their next class of astronauts. There were 6300 applicants, NASA chose 8, and 4 are women. To quote the linked article:

Their names are Christina Hammock, Nicole Mann, Anne McClain and Jessica Meir…

Christina has engineering and physics degrees and a masters in electrical engineering, and has spent winters in places such as Antarctica doing research.

Nicole has a mechanical engineering degree and is a qualified pilot in the US Marine Corps, as well as a brilliant soccer player.

Anne is a pilot/command intelligence officer/rugby player/scuba diver that also has degrees in public health and international studies.

Jessica has degrees in biology, space studies and marine biology, is a pilot/scuba diver/ice diver, and is an assistant professor at Harvard medical school.

Basically they’re complete badasses, in ways that have nothing to do with what they look like or having babies. We don’t often hear about women like that, which can make it hard to remember that there are a LOT of incredible women who are incredible for reasons outside those we usually celebrate women for. 

So I’m celebrating these women for a change. Join me, won’t you? 


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