Compton’s New Mayor

There’s a great article in this week’s LA Weekly (Los Angeles’s ‘indie’ paper, owned by Village Voice Media) about the new mayor of Compton – referred to as ‘the murder capital of the world’ and ‘America’s most dangerous city,’ epicenter of the 1992 LA riots, home of LA’s deadliest gangs, formerly run by a man who described himself as a “gangster mayor” who was spared from corruption charges because he didn’t know what corruption was.

Compton’s new mayor is Aja Brown, a 31-year old woman. 

Her grandmother was raped an murdered in 1973 in Compton. Aja Brown wasn’t raised there, but after earning a graduate degree in urban planning from USC, she moved back. 

It’s a long article, so I leave you to read as you wish. But allow me to draw your attention to a particularly salient post in the comments section:

Here’s that link if you want to read it. 


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