Thank you Helen Thomas

Today, we learned of the passing of Helen Thomas. 

The most oft-repeated impressive fact about her career is that she covered every President from JFK to Obama. But there’s much more to celebrate. Here are a few articles detailing her accomplishments, and some of the praise she’s earned from Presidents and others over the years.

I just want to especially highlight a few achievements of particular importance to your Vagina News host.

She was the first female journalist to cover the President, rather than the First Lady and their children. She was the first woman admitted to the White House Correspondents Association. In 1962, she got then-President Kennedy to say he would not attend the Association’s annual Correspondent’s dinner unless it was opened to women for the first time. (It worked.) In 1975, she became the first female President of the Association.

It’s hard to overstate her role in opening the professional of journalism to women – and it’s even harder to overstate the impact of those women on the direction of news and public discourse in the 20th century.

Thank you, Helen Thomas, for your strength, intelligence, and tenacity. We honor you. 


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