Facebook just did a great thing for women (and everyone else.)

That’s right. Facebook of the gender-based hate speech debacle. Facebook of the ‘we’ll just take ads off those pages’ non-solution.

They’ve created a privacy guide for survivors of intimate partner violence.

This is significant on a number of levels. Most fundamentally, it acknowledges our shared responsibility as a society for the continued epidemic of intimate partner violence. Beyond that, it acknowledges the role that social media plays a role in such violence, and it focuses on empowering victims through education, access to resources, and emphasis on community support, rather than engaging in victim blaming.

(The guide is well worth reading for everyone, whether or not you’re a victim of intimate partner violence, as most people aren’t fully aware of who has access to your social information or how to limit that access.)

Facebook’s announcement is here, the guide itself is here.

Bravo Facebook, and let’s hope this is one of many steps forward.

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