Texas Targets Female Voters

Let’s play a game. It’s called Think Like a Texas Teabagger.Pretend there’s a really popular Democratic woman running for Governor of Texas. What the hell, pretend her name is Wendy Davis. You want her to lose. The game is to come up with a law that would drastically lower the number of her likely supporters who are eligible to vote. What do you do?

(Hint – The key is a custom that dates back to the days when women were property, and legal ownership of that property was transferred from fathers to husbands through marriage.)

The name change.

Texas has passed a Voter ID law, effective Nov. 5, that says voters must present an original legal document that reflects their current legal name. (No photocopies.) 34% of women in Texas don’t have one, because they didn’t get their documents updated when their marital status changed.

The law affects 1% of Texas men.

This is in addition to the voter ID laws targeting Hispanic and Black voters that Texas passed in the immediate wake of the Supreme Court’s summer decision to gut the Voting Rights Act. Those laws are being challenged by the Justice Department.

In general, Voter ID laws target low income, minority, and elderly voters who don’t have access to the money, transportation, or information necessary to meet the new ID requirements. Proponents of these laws claim they’re intended to prevent voter fraud. Studies have repeatedly found that the frequency of the kind of fraud that would be prevented by voter ID is lower than 0.0001%.

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