SCOTUS Says no to One Crazy Abortion Law

There’s cause, if likely only temporary, for celebration today. The Supreme Court has declined to consider a case from Oklahoma over a law that would effectively ban all medical abortion (like RU 486.) The lower court’s ruling, overturning the law, will stand.

Oklahoma has a whole bunch of reproductive rights restrictions already, including mandatory anti-abortion counseling (which previously included forcing women to look at a sonogram image of the pregnancy via transvaginal ultrasound, with no exception for rape or incest, until that part of the law was overturned in Dec. 2012 by the State Supreme Court,) a 24-hour waiting period, restrictions on when abortion can be covered by insurance or financed publicly, and parental notification and consent. Oklahoma City is the only place in the state that has abortion providers; 56% of women in Oklahoma live in counties without one.

There are more abortion cases heading toward the Court, though, and reason for concern (ahem, Texas) that this isn’t the strong precedent it should be. So we celebrate today while preparing for what comes next.

1 thought on “SCOTUS Says no to One Crazy Abortion Law

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