Hey strangers! I know it’s been a while. A whole bunch of life stuff has been demanding a whole lot of time and energy, so thanks for understanding and sticking around.

There’s been lots happening to vaginas lately… Good and bad news on the crazy (and not-so-crazy) states front, the whole ‘blame women for Chris Christie‘ thing, progress in gender parity in government, the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

I’m feeling drawn lately to smart, interesting people talking about these issues in smart, interesting ways. Like:

  • Rolling Stone’s article about the modern anti-choice movement, which details the tactical shift away from fighting Roe directly and toward passing restrictive state laws that drastically restrict access to contraception, abortion, cancer screening, and other women’s health services and the close idealogical and financial links between anti-choicers and the powerful anti-union, pro-gun, Christian fundamentalist lobbies

  • …Or watch Sarah Silverman and Jesus sum it up in a short video rather than a long article.

I hope your 2014 is off to a great start. I feel good things coming this year. Thanks as always for being here.

Chime in!

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